The Benefits of Drain Cleaning Services

For most people, drains aren’t something they give a second thought to until something goes wrong.

This can mean a pretty unpleasant experience such as overflowing sinks, toilets and a nasty smell throughout your home or business.

You can help to reduce the chances of getting a blocked drain by having regular maintenance work carried out by companies such as CC Drainage. It could cost a lot less than you think and you’d be surprised at the difference it could make. Here’s some of the benefits to regular drain cleaning services.


Saves money in the long run

Hidden out of sight, it’s very easy for debris to start building up and you won’t know when there’s a serious problem until it’s too late.

Getting your drain unblocked can not just be unpleasant, it can also cost you more money, particularly if damage has been caused.

By having your drains cleaned regularly you’ll prevent the build up of materials, and in the long run it could save you having to pay out for more expensive repairs.

Eliminates smells

Even if your drains haven’t become completely blocked, when there’s waste matter accumulating in the pipes, a nasty odour can waft up and into your home.

The only way to combat this is to get rid of the debris, as no amount of air fresheners or cleaning products will be able to mask the stench for long!

Regular drain maintenance will clear away any waste lingering in the pipes so you won’t have to put up with the tell-tale smells coming from your drains. This is the only sure-fire way to get rid of those unwanted odours.


Improved performance

If you’ve got a partial blockage in your drains, there’s a chance you may not even realise, especially if you’ve gotten used to how your sink and toilet work.

A small blockage may not prevent the drain from working completely, but it will have a very significant impact on the flow rate. This means your toilet may not flush as efficiently and it may take a while for water to empty from sinks. In the shower, you might find there’s a build-up of water as the drain cannot cope with the constant flow,

Having regular drain cleaning means that these partial blockages will be cleared, leaving your sinks, shower and toilet working far better than you ever could have imagined!

Give your drains a treat!

If you want to find out more information on how to look after your drains, click here to check out what the experts have to say.

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Lip Filler Facts

Are you one of the many people who longs to have fuller, plumper lips and a magnificent smile that catches everyone’s eye?  Do you think about how wonderful your life would be if you could just add a youthful, sexier look to your mouth and lips?  Well, the good news is that there is a wide range of lip fillers on the market today that can and do just that – add fullness and plumpness, along with a youthful, sexier look to your above average lips.

Lip fillers are the most sought after procedure in Manchester and the surrounding areas for achieving sexier, fuller lips and indeed a procedure offered by the expert doctors and clinicians here at Lush Aesthetics.  Our team of professionals are all certified and licensed to perform all types of cosmetic procedures and surely lip augmentation is one of our many specialized cosmetic treatments afforded.

Lip Filler

The Facts About Lip Fillers

To begin with, most doctors will agree that the easiest, most effective and most natural lip filler is Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  There are a variety of HA substances, but one of the most popular fillers used is that of Restylane.  The nice thing about HA fillers is the simple fact that if you do not like your new look, doctors are able to inject an enzyme known as hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler used in just a mere five minutes.

Another important fact on fillers is that the treatments can cost in the range of $500 to $2500 depending upon the clinic and the doctor you choose.  Further important facts include the fact that HA fillers will typically last at least six months unless you are remarkably thin, then your body will react differently to the fillers and will not keep the achieved results as long.  Also, results are visible immediately.  Though your lips will be swollen at first you will still see the new effects of the fillers quickly after giving your lips a 24 hour window to allow the swelling to reduce.  Once the swelling has calmed down you will be able to see immediate plump, fuller lips that are yours for several months thereafter.

Downtime from your lip augmentation procedure is zero to none.  The overall procedure takes only about 20 minutes and the numbing effect will begin to wear off right away which means you can go about your business as usual, but keep in mind that you may very well experience some swelling, slight bleeding and bruising, so you don’t want to make any special plans for perhaps three or four days after your treatment.

lip agumentation

Finally, when your lip augmentation is performed correctly, your lips will have the same common feel as your real lips, which is a useful fact for those wondering about the effects lip fillers will have on typical activities, such as kissing.

If you are thinking about engaging in lip fillers then surely you have come to the right place.  Here at Lush Aesthetics we are recognized for our superior products and services, our outstanding doctors and clinicians and our highly visible industry presence.  We offer all our clients the highest level of professionalism as well as friendliness and comfort at our state of the art facility.  Having only the well-being of our clients at hand, the professionals here at Lush Aesthetics strive to deliver all of our cosmetic procedures with the utmost of professionalism and expertise.  Give a call out to our friendly staff today and schedule your free consultation and visit us at and learn more about our facility, our team of professionals and the many cosmetic procedures and treatments we provide.  What are you waiting for?  Those plumper, fuller, and sexier lips are just minutes away here at Lush Aesthetics where our clients’ health, safety and happiness is our number one priority.

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How To Prevent Your Drains Blocking

Blocked drains can be a major inconvenience causing toilets and sinks to back up and spill over, making them impossible to use.

Based in Liverpool, CC Drainage can offer a speedy, convenient and reliable drain unblocking service but there are some steps you can take to help prevent the problem.

Here’s a few top tips from the professionals to help your drains keep flowing for as long as possible.

unblock drain

Wet wipes

In the UK, we’re used to being able to flush tissues through our sewage system rather than having to dispose of them via other means.

However, the same can’t be said of wet wipes.

Many households use wet wipes, especially those with children but these should never be flushed down the toilet – even if they say flushable!

This is because unlike tissue, wet wipes don’t break down and over time can cause blockages in the system (aside from being bad for the environment). Wet wipes being flushed away are one of the most common causes of blocked drains.

Congealed items

prevent drain from blockingIf you’re cooking it’s often easy to rinse out a pan or simply empty the waste contents down the sink than scrape it into the bin, particularly if it’s wet and a bit messy.

But no matter how fluid the contents seem to be, you should consider whether there’s any risk that they will set hard once they’ve cooled and congeal in the pipes. Greasy food and fat are the two main culprits here; they may seem to tip down the plug hole easily enough but can solidify very quickly within the pipes causing the drains to become blocked. Fat also has a tendency to stick and cling to the sides as it’s flushed away, making it far more prone to blocking the drain.

If for any reason throwing debris down the sink is unavoidable, immediately following it with a quick blast of cold water will make it congeal instantly and move through the pipes rather than solidifying against the sides.

Anything missing?

One of the less obvious problems which can be a nightmare for drains is foreign objects. This could be anything from hair clips and slides, to small components from a child’s toy.

The item may – annoyingly! – slide down the plughole easily enough but once it reaches a narrow pipe it can get stuck, and then further debris can become wrapped around it such as soap residue or hair.

Therefore, when you drop something down a plughole there may not seem to be an immediate problem but a blockage can gradually build.

Look after your drains

For more information about healthy drains including maintenance checks and cleans, take a look at

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How Does Google Rank Websites?

Google employs a sophisticated algorithm (usually kept secret, of course) to give the rank of a site. It uses more than 100 different criteria in the calculations necessary for the rank, giving a certain weight to each criterion, which may change over time.

SW Florida SEO Company says “Since the algorithm can change, using various techniques that have worked in the past, might not work as well in the present. This is important to remember when the rank of your website changes for no apparent reason. For these reasons, optimizing your site should not be considered a one-time task which you never have to do again. You have to try, to test and refine your efforts constantly”.

Google’s algorithm can be divided into two groups of ranking factors:


On-page factors (keyword / keywords / keyword phrases):

Keyword factors involve when, how and where keywords are used, meaning how well you optimize your site for your most important keywords relevant to your content, and if your keywords appear in the content and links you use on your website. You should also ensure your keyword appears both in the content and the title of articles. These factors determine page relevance.

Off-page factors (links to your website):

These factors include the amount and quality of links that send to your site. Off-page factors determine page importance and are correlated with the PageRank (PR) value of a page. Links play a major role in getting some sites rank high, especially in niches with high competition.

Google Rank Websites

Another factor that determines how Google will rank your site is its popularity– particularly the global popularity. Google will recognize your website as a leading site and push it up the ranks only if its accessed worldwide. To make your site popular, you can develop links with other forums and websites. Their links will drive traffic to your website making it one of the most accessed websites online. However, Google will only recognize and award quality links that are relevant to the topic and keywords on your website. Fake links will get a site ranked poorly or pulled down altogether.

Google also ranks a website based on its age. The older your website is, the better it will be ranked by Google. However, the content on your website should be kept fresh to keep it relevant. You need to stay up to date with Google’s methodologies if you want your website to remain at the top. is a cutting edge digital marketing company based in Naples, Florida – they provide up to date information of how to rank your business on Google… and rank it for you if you prefer.

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How Can Search Engine Optimization Help Businesses Of All Sizes

google seo upward arrow

Search engine optimization is necessary for the success of any website. SEO is used to increase the traffic your site receives by way of search engines. A very important aspect of SEO is to make your website easy for users and search engine “robots” to understand. It is critical for webmasters to determine which keywords and phrases are essential to use in site content in order to attract searchers, sharers, and broader audiences, as well as increase traffic and generate more leads.

Having a complete understanding of the abilities as well as the limitations that search engines have will allow webmasters to properly create, format, and write quality content that search engines and users can both understand. Optimization, therefore, ensures that your site’s information and site structure are optimal for not only the search engines but also the many users themselves.

Choosing the right keywords to target on your site, and having SEO in place, is very much like choosing the perfect location for your franchise store. If you choose to put your store in a location not suited to your brand’s demographics, then surely the amount of visitors to your store will be limited. Such is the case with the keywords you choose to use. If you do not create a target list of keywords and phrases, and are unable to incorporate these very keywords and phrases into your quality content on your website people will not be able to locate your business online, and will instead find your competitors.

It is important to recognize that you cannot just build or structure a website, write great content and provide quality images and videos, but rather you must be able to get that very content shared, recognized, and talked about on the web. It is also important to create and implement content that will improve your ranking.

People are always going to search. What is important is knowing the key words and phrases that people typically use when searching. Nearly 90% of customers today now check online reviews prior to making any type of purchase, and statistics tell us that it will not be long now before nearly every person will be searching for products and services online. These are the search mechanisms you want to incorporate in your efforts to improve your site presence.

Shootscope, a highly reputable SEO in Liverpool, offers its clients all the peace of mind and security they need to know that its team of experts can create, build, structure, and design their websites to increase traffic and increase leads as well. Their highly professional consultants are trained to improve the rankings of websites as well as their overall visibility. With an understanding that getting the technical details for creating search engine friendly websites is important, as is the marketing of that content, the company effectively provides SEO for websites of all sizes and brands.

In a world where everyone turns to the internet as their first form of research, it is remarkably important for businesses of all sizes to have an online presence. These company websites should include the incorporation of company products and services as well as informative content about the business. In addition, contracting a qualified SEO agency to assist with your online marketing strategies will certainly increase your success ratio and build a solid foundation for your business and its overall success moving forward.

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